Sample Request For Information

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Sample Request for Information

Your company name would replace "Acme, Inc". 

Project Overview

Introduction: Acme, Inc. is in the process of evaluating and selecting the best possible solutions for accounting and financial management. Acme is a progressive firm that makes every effort to apply best practice business and technology solutions to improve performance and deliver differentiated value.

Project Facilitation and Organization: The evaluation and selection process is being facilitated by the consulting resources within Acme, Inc. Acme has organized this project in a manner that solicited input from all levels within the firm. The evaluation, selection and implementation of an information management system that allows the sharing of data across the enterprise is supported by the Acme management team, which has specific functional expertise and is accountable for approving the requirements outlined in this request for information.

Project Objective: Acme desires a fully integrated solution for the defined requirements but recognizes that this may not be available, practical, or cost-effective from one provider. In the past, a variety of non-integrated solutions have been implemented to support the information management requirements of various business functions. The use of these applications has improved effectiveness but has not satisfied the need for information sharing between users.

Some of the specific issues that are motivating Acme to search for alternatives to the current information management system include but are not limited to:

  • Difficulty accessing accurate and timely financial information used to manage business units.
  • Reliance on an external manual process to supplement information storage and retrieval with significant reliance on Excel spreadsheets.
  • Limitations of the existing systems to be upgraded to satisfy Acme information management requirements to take advantage of evolving technology.
  • Support the integration of third-party, client-facing applications.
  • Upgrade functionality to support a growing set of business operations.
  • Position the business to be prepared for substantial growth.

At a minimum, Acme expects the selected solution to provide the following:

  • Flexibility to support the financial and operations of each business unit.
  • Fully functional and flexible management information solution that provides all stakeholders with a system that assists in improving profitability and managing operations throughout the firm.
  • Support automated workflows.
  • Provide “dashboard” type executive reporting and create custom reports based on both financial and unit measures. Summarized management reports must provide user-defined financial metrics that are readily available, integrated, and flexible directly useful by the end-user.
  • Offer a solution that eliminates the need for disparate databases and duplicate data entry.
  • Integrate with other software packages as defined by Acme

Anticipated Project dates & schedule

Anticipated schedule

01/01/2022 RFI Issued
01/10/2022 RFI Review and Demo Scripts Completed
02/01/2022 Demonstrations Completed
03/01/2022 Follow-up Demos
03/12/2022 Final Proposals Due
03/21/2022 Vendor Selection
03/30/2022 Contracts Finalized
04/21/2022 Begin Software Implementation

Client Profile

Company Profile

Company Background: Acme was started in (???) and has grown to approximately (???) in annual revenue. Acme is headquartered in (???) and has a workforce of (???) employees. (other key company information)

Organizational Structure & Employee Breakdown:

  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Executive
  • Other

Current Applications

What are you using now?

How many different systems are you utilizing and how long have you been using it?

Current Applications:
Application Product How long  Replacing Phase
CRM     yes/no  
Operations     yes/no  
Accounting     yes/no  
Ecommerce     yes/no  
Other     yes/no  

Proposal Instructions

Purpose of this RFI: The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to formalize the selection and acquisition process for Acme to acquire and implement application software to satisfy the information management requirements. The vendor selected must be able to provide a solution that encompasses the installation and training of the proposed alternative, in addition to interfacing or replacing existing software applications. The vendor must also be able to provide a high level of service and support for all proposed components. This RFI contains functional and technical requirements, along with expectations for installation, maintenance, and support. Instructions are provided to enable qualified vendors to prepare and submit proposals and supporting material in a format that will facilitate the evaluation process in a fair and consistent method.
Vendor Response: Vendor proposals will not be returned. Proposals should be delivered electronically to (??? All completed RFIs must be delivered to Acme, Inc. by (date here).
Proposal Content: Vendor must present the proposal in the following format:
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • RFI Response
    • Other Information
    • Proposal Signature

Executive Summary: The executive summary should summarize the proposal content by describing the key elements and unique features of the proposal including a description of the implementation approach. Specifically, it should contain

  • Summary of Approach: Include a brief overview of the solution as proposed
  • Project Schedule: Outline all major efforts in the implementation. Utilize the proposed relevant dates listed in this RFI
  • Cost Proposal: a summary of costs including how pricing was calculatedoInitial and recurring costs projected life cycle of solution projected yearly incremental costsoPotential costs that Acme may not have anticipated
    • How pricing was calculated
    • Initial and recurring costs
    • The projected life cycle of the solution
    • Projected yearly incremental costs
    • Potential costs that Acme may not have anticipated

RFI Section: This section of the proposal should contain responses to the following sections:

  • Vendor Profile
  • Functional Requirements
  • Product Architecture
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Cost Summary

Evaluation Criteria: Acme has established criteria that will be used to evaluate each vendor’s proposal. Evaluation categories are as follows:

  • Vendor Profile
  • Support and training
  • Implementation
  • Application Functionality
  • Cost

Demonstration: Selected vendors will be requested to provide demonstrations and customer references. Vendors will be advised of the need for such activities and arrangements will be made for mutually agreed upon dates and times.

Vendor Profile Background:

Please answer each of the following questions. If the proposed solution includes a separate organization for implementation services, please provide the answers for each entity, separately.

  • Identify the official name of your organization(s).
  • Identify the official address of your organization(s).
  • Identify the website of your organization(s).
  • Identify the primary contact name, phone number and email.
  • Identify the total number of employees in your organization(s).
  • Identify the total number of clients served by your organization that are similar to Acme.

Functional Requirements:

For the full list of functional requirements, please download the Sample RFI.